SLUM - Make Rainbow In Your Slum (CD)

SLUM - Make Rainbow In Your Slum (CD)

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Solo project by a Japanese trance scene's favorite, SHUJI. He is a member of PHI who appeared on the scene meteorically last year, acted as their pleases and ow are on indefinite break. He starts again carrying his own project SLUM with thirst and desire for music. SLUM's debut album "PHINALIZER", came out last year, presented new sound of GOA TRANCE and the album was charted in the top 10 of DANCE/CLUB MUSIC selling chart at major CD store in Japan. The album also made worldwide success and still keep having wonderful sales as an Japanese-made trance album. With having the album, SLUM did tour in Europe and was praised highly in Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Czech, and former Yugoslavia. SHUJI, the representative of TRANCE new generation, started listening Psychedelic Rock music when he was very young, then formed a PUNK/HARDCORE/EMO band and released CDs, and stepped in to PSY-TRANCE field. He travels all over the world and visits unexplored regions, holy places, ghettos, and refugee camps, and expresses what he sees and feels by TRANCE MUSIC. Yes, SLUM's music is for everybody, an anthem of life. Characterized by uplifting bass lines , aggressive riffs, and speedy sound, SLUM is often invited to big festivals- UP DOWN FESTIVAL in Portugal, EARTHCORE GLOBAL CARNIVAL in Australia etc. SLUM also contributed a track on the various album "FAR EAST PSYTRANCE LEAGUE 2005" which was compiled by DJ TSUYOSHI and was released this summer. SLUM, having a possibility for great future of Japanese trance scene, must keep on evolving. "Everything never can't stop us, dude!" File Under : Full Power Neo Psy-Trance 【Album Detail】 【Sound Samples】