DRAP DROP - Dropdead Gorgeous (CD)
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DRAP DROP - Dropdead Gorgeous (CD)

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The Psy-Trance Overdrive unit formed by TSUNE and E-L5. They have contributed tracks to on various compilation albums, and are well-known among DJs. You may already be familiar to their danceable and groovy tracks, which are on various compilations released by Shiva Space Technology, Tribadelic, Last Xenobiology, G-Echoes, T.P.E. Records, Fullmoon Records, and ELF music, and they finally drop their first album “DROPDEAD GORGEOUS”!! DRAP DROP was formed in 1999. The story started when TSUNE was in UK to study engineering and techniques of recording, and he met DJ E-L5 who was a popular Psychedelic Trance DJ in London. Both of them were busy and nothing happened then, but they met again in Japan in 2002 and started DRAP DROP. The very unique unit by a Japanese and a Brazilian was born. They have invited overseas artists to their studio to work with, and TSUNE's technique has been cultivated from working for various styles of music, also DJ E-L5 has plenty of experience to be at deck all over the world as the resident DJ of Alchemy Records. This album shows you the high quality of their sound making-- uplifting tracks produced with their excellent sound programming skill, which they acquire high reputation among DJs and audience in the world. They have worked with many artists like Earthling, Wrecked Machines, Full Color, PsySide, and Manibus etc, and their good friend Wrecked Machines did remix of "Smartshop" on this album. Their full-on, delicate, twisted, and funky style is already popular, but on this album, they tried to develop more diverse styles into tracks and it gives the album an effect. A spaceship named "DRAP DROP" will take you to fascinating sonic trip! 【Album Detail】 【Sound Samples】